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Retailers using our interactive displays can offer consumers a free Scramble Squares® puzzle if the consumer can solve the demonstration Scramble Squares® puzzle within 5 minutes. Once a consumer tries to solve a Scramble Squares® puzzle, he/she usually gets "hooked" and wants to buy at least one to take home and prove that he/she can solve it (or to torment friends, family and colleagues)! Often consumers who have taken The 5-MINUTE CHALLENGE® buy two or three and even six or eight Scramble Squares® puzzles at a time (the current record is 49 Scramble Squares bought by a consumer at one time in a store in Knoxville, Tennessee)!! b. dazzle, inc. replaces at no charge for the retailer with any puzzle of the store's choice any puzzle won by a consumer in our 5-MINUTE CHALLENGE® promotion. We know that we give away, on the average, only one puzzle for every 5,000 sold!

Click here to see a brief video presentation of how Scramble Squares® interactive Demonstration Playing Surface Displays Greatly Enhance Merchandising and store revenues!!

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