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American Native Flowers Scramble Squares®
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Fascinating Facts about American Native Flowers Scramble Squares®
A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the American Native Flowers Scramble Squares® puzzle will be donated to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Lady Bird Johnson’s extraordinary devotion to the environment has changed America for the better. As First Lady of the United States in the mid-1960s, she made headlines by planting bulbs and trees on roadsides and parkways and for calling attention to the growing crisis created by habitat and species loss. Today, we understand the consequences of the ecological havoc caused by the loss of native plant life and take our role in protecting earth’s native resources-- and Mrs. Johnson’s environmental legacy-- very seriously.

Lady Bird Johnson’s commitment to America’s landscapes has never been about mere cosmetics. Her love of nature stems from a childhood spent exploring the East Texas woods, where she measured the seasons in the wildflowers and native plants that bloomed in the deep, rich soil. It is a habitat that continues to shape her view of America.

Like people, wildflowers and other native plants are of a particular place. The unique combination of climate, soils, plants and animals belongs to just one place, and native plants are most at home there, perfectly suited to the environmental conditions. Native plants are an important part of that particular place, a component of the local ecosystem, and they function with other organisms within that ecosystem. Native plants provide food and shelter for animals of all kinds (including humans). Native plants filter the air, reduce soil erosion and provide varying habitats for a host of regional animals.

Although Mrs. Johnson now serves America as a private citizen, she continues to advocate for native plants and North America’s treasured natural landscape. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas carries Mrs. Johnson’s vision for America’s native landscapes across the continent.

Founded in 1982 by Mrs. Johnson and the late actress Helen Hayes, the Wildflower Center educates people about the environmental necessity, economic value and natural beauty of native plants. Over the years, the Wildflower Center has emerged as the leading advocate for native plant conservation. With more than 29 percent of North America's native plants at risk of extinction, the Center's education, restoration, conservation, and horticulture programs work together to help preserve its landscape.

Join the Center and take an active role. Membership comes with great benefits! For further information about membership, visit our website at www.wildflower.org or call 512.292.4200

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