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Fascinating Facts about Owls Scramble Squares®
Owls are creatures that have symbols to humankind for wisdom, magic, mystery, doom or even good luck. They are primarily nocturnal (active at night) birds, hunting in the dark with exceptional hearing and eyes that gather light much better than our own. Since owls are night birds, they are difficult to find during the daylight hours, although their characteristic “hooo-hooos” and “hoots” can often be heard. Owls change their roosts from day to day. A third of world's owl species are of the genus Otus (scops-owls & screech-owls). There are at least 55 species of owls, ranging from abundant species to the very rare Seychelles Scops-Owl O. insularis. In direct contrast to almost all species of owls, the Snowy Owl is among the most diurnal (active in daytime), hunting from treetops during the long days of the northern arctic summer. Owls of the genus Glaucidium (pygmy-owls & owlets) are primarily night hunters, but can occasionally make a surprising appearance in broad daylight.

Owls are the Strigiformes order of the family of birds called “raptors.” Raptors are carnivorous birds of prey that feed primarily on fresh meat found hunting small ground mammals, especially rodents, or feeding upon carrion. Most other spiecies of raptors, such as eagles, falcons, hawks and kestrels hunt in daylight. The term "raptor" is derived from the Latin word rapere, which means to seize or to ravish. Raptors have three physical characteristics that set them apart from all other types of birds: strong grasping feet with sharp talons for seizing prey from the air, a hooked or hook-tipped beak killing and consuming its prey and the sharpest eyesight of any bird (3 to 8 times as keen as human sight) for hunting its prey from the air.

Raptors are not only magnificent creatures, they are often at the top of the food chain in many ecosystems, making owls ideal indicators of a health ecology. If raptors in an environment are threatened, then the other animals in that system are also likely at risk. For this reason, study of raptors in the wild, as well as and in captivity, is an important study of the entire ecosystem.

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