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b. dazzle, inc. is the manufacturer of award winning, brain bending™ Scramble Squares® tessellation (i.e., mosaic) puzzles and Color 'n Seek hidden pictures art activities for All Ages of children, teens, adults and senior citizens, from 4 to 104!

Founded in 1993 by Kathie Gavin, b. dazzle introduced its first products, four Scramble Squares® puzzles and four Color 'n Seek 2-poster flat packs, in January, 1994. Our high value, low cost, made in the USA mind stimulating activities have received a tremendous response from the market and the trade media from the time that they were first introduced. A buyers' survey by GIFTBEAT of a national network of gift buyers, in its February, 1996 issue, ranked b. dazzle, inc. among the top 5 puzzle and game companies, based upon a rating of the gift stores' top three selling items! Both Scramble Squares® and Color 'n Seek have been winners of The Great American Toy Test.

Adults and seniors love our puzzles at least as much as do children, teenagers and college students. They make inexpensive, but highly valued gifts for both men and women alike on Father's Day, Mother's Day, Birthdays and on holidays. Scramble Squares® puzzles are Easy To Play, But Hard To Solve!™ They teach patience, perseverance and critical thinking skills and help maintain mental agility for older adults while providing stimulating entertainment as a either a solitaire game or a cooperative activity. Each puzzle package includes a panel of fascinating facts on the subject of the puzzle, as well as a trivia question and hidden answer, all packaged in a unique and handy resealable clear vinyl pouch that can be stored easily in a standard 3-ring binder. Sixty-seven styles of beautiful original art are available on nature, sports, history, culture, geography, science, technology hobbies and activities and more new styles are added every six months.

Learning magazine, in its January/February 1997 issue cover story article entitled "Presenting the Best Educational Products of 1996," selected Scramble Squares® as The Best Product in the Games category in its "Product Picks for Math." Buyer's Quarterly reported in its August, 2000 issue that our "Parrots" Scramble Squares® puzzle was one of the "750 Hot Selling Items for Back-to-School". Of all the products carried for the educational dealers/teacher supply market.

Color 'n Seek® is the only poster art available with hidden pictures and educational word association. The Color 'n Seek® Portfolio Gift Set is a value unmatched in the craft & hobby market, with six 11" x 17" 100 lb. paper stock posters and six marker! Fourteen styles of hidden picture posters are available in seven different 2-poster flat packs!

Every week b. dazzle, inc. receives many letters of praise our products from retailers and from consumers; a small sampling of these great letters can be seen in the TESTIMONIALS Section of this site!


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